Are you looking for an extra room that connects you to the outside?
But is still warm, nice to look at and brings in a considerable amount of natural light?
Then Kingsbridge Living can help.
We can build you a conservatory that meets your desires in Surrey and the surrounding areas.

There are two options to choose from:
• The Alston Conservatory
• The Houghton Conservatory

Each option has many benefits which can exceed your expectations and can be great as a kids
playroom or an additional living area.

The Alston Conservatory

The Alston Conservatory is known as the ‘standard’ conservatory. Its high-tech structure is expertly fitted with roofing solutions and glazing designs to provide comfort and cosiness in the summer and winter months.

The building shapes are entirely up to you. Our options range from Gable Brick, Victorian, T-Shape Brick, Orangery, Livin Roof, Lantern, Georgian, P-shape and Lean-to. Choose the appropriate roofing style with our classic PVC which provides complete durability and waterproofing. The roofing systems can easily be adapted to fit any structure whether that’s large or small, vintage or brand new.

At Kingsbridge Living, we are also able to provide you with a free visualisation of how the Alston conservatory will look like on your home. We allow you to make little changes so that you can be completely satisfied with the end product. Our experts in Croydon and the surrounding areas will guide you through the process and help you decide your preferred size, material and energy requirements to create the perfect home for you and your family.

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There’s an untold amount of features and benefits for having a conservatory in Bromley and the surrounding areas. We make sure that our conservatories have high security, internal glazing and have a multi-lock mechanism which can provide security for you and your family.

A few other benefits are:
• Our thermal insulation reduces the amount of heat loss by 70%
• The large glass panes increase the amount of natural light into the room
• Provides extra room to expand your living space
• Choose any style which suits you

Have a colour in mind of how you want your conservatory to look? Don’t hesitate to discuss with our team at Kingsbridge Living. They can be coloured, or woodgrain foiled with the option to mix colours between the outside and the inside. The colour options available are White, Cream, Ebony Black, Sage Green, Grey, Rosewood, Light Oak and Irish Oak.

Choose a glazing design that is unique to you. Decide between led glass options of diamond, square or discuss your custom idea. There is also an option to choose the level of obscured glass to maintain privacy. The glass panels are expertly crafted to create intricate designs and decorative patterns.

For our conservatories at Kingsbridge Living, we offer a 10-year guarantee which includes the repair and replacement of any defects due to installation and faulty materials. All handles, hinges and locks come with a three-year guarantee, and the sealed units have a ten-year guarantee.

The Houghton Conservatory

Upgrade your conservatory by installing the LivinROOF, a thermal plastered roofing system that provides comfort and acts more like a room. The perfect solution if you are thinking about making a cinema room or children’s playroom in Guildford and the surrounding areas. We also offer a virtual representation which you can view on your property and add changes to create the perfect design for you.

At Kingsbridge Living, we offer some building styles which could work in the space you have available:
• Gable Brick
• Victorian
• T-shape
• Orangery
• Livin Roof
• Lantern
• Georgian
• P-shape
• Lean-to

The main difference between the Alston and the Houghton is the Houghton conservatory offers the LivinROOM and LivinROOF options. The LivinROOM is an insulating ceiling pelmet which is designed to enhance thermal performance and delivers a real room appearance. It also provides better summer and winter comfort with a variety of external fixtures which are designed to support spotlights and down lighters. The LivinROOF is a thermal plastered roofing system that guarantees to provide a warm and inviting feel to your home in Kingston and the surrounding areas.

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As with all our products, we take in to account all safety and security measures; we build all conservatories with internal glazing and multi-lock mechanisms. We have a range of led glass options and, in particular, whether you would prefer the glass panels to be obscured to maintain privacy.

Are you thinking of a particular colour scheme? We can work with you to get the exact look you’re looking for. You can choose either a traditional white/cream painted wood look, a variety of wood effect finishes or even a bright colour to add a modern flair to your home and garden.

With our Houghton conservatories, there are additional extras you can include:
• Deeper Ceiling Pelmet
• Centre Ceiling- LivinLIGHT
• Cornice

If you are deciding on building a conservatory, choose with Kingsbridge Living today! We are happy to help you envision how the conservatory would fit onto your property and maximise your surroundings. A conservatory is the best way to bring you closer to the outside gaining natural light and ultimately keeping you warm all year round. Speak to our team today to start your journey and transform your home.