Porch Infills

Porch Infill, Upgrade and Refurbishment with Kingsbridge Living.
We design & build bespoke porches and porch infills to suit your home and lifestyle.
Porch Infills for Homes across London, Surrey and the South East
Porch Infill, Upgrade and Refurbishment with Kingsbridge Living


Upgrade your Existing Porch

Is your existing porch looking tired and worn out? Upgrade your porch with Kingsbridge Living. Choose from our extensive range of Upvc panels and create a whole new feel based on your existing foundations, roof & brickwork. We have a full range of standard ten year guarantee Upvc products and fabulous door range, glazing designs and accessories.

By upgrading your existing porch you can retain the warmth inside your home and reduce heat loss by up to 70%. Kingsbridge porch infills are affordable with a fast installation time and are also installed with multi-lock mechanisms to ensure the safety of
your home.

Did You Know?

Planning Permission is NOT required

Porches are considered to be Permitted Developments and do not require building regulation approval.

Features & Benefits

Bring New Life to your Existing Porch

Upgrade your existing porch with Kingsbridge Living and introduce a whole new look to the outside of your home. Porch infills provide the perfect space for mucky shoes, wet umbrellas, excess clothes, etc.

Freedom of Design

Not only can you tailor your porch infill to look exactly how you want; we will also provide you with a FREE visual representation on-site and you can choose which features you would like to add and where!

Secure Entrance To Your Home

We install all porch infills with multi-lock mechanisms and strong Upvc doors. We also provide quality glass options to ensure your personal safety and of course, the safety of your home.

Cosy & Warm

We use the most thermally insulated Upvc panels available keeping your porch cosy and warm with energy-efficient materials designed to protect your home from sneaky draughts and water damage.

Built to Last

We will check the integrity of your existing base, roof and brickwork and will ensure that Kingsbridge Living infills fit seamlessly into your existing roof and base.

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Security for Doors

Practical Yet Tasteful Entryway

Porches create an entryway into your home so do not settle for anything other than a quality security system designed to protect you and your loved ones.

Our double glazed units are highly secure and provide protection from unwanted intruders.

We complete all Porch infills with a multi lock mechanism fitted to eliminate risk from opportunist thieves and we have a variety of security systems personalised to suit your exact requirements.

Energy Savings

Keep the Winter Outside

Using the latest UPVC infill panels on your new porch renovation we will create an airlock between the porch door and main front door.

Our UPVC infill panels are designed to suit your exact personal preference and to help you maintain maximum energy efficiency throughout your home! With our range of single, double or triple glazed units; you can reduce heat loss by up to 70%.

Bid farewell to those chilling draughts and welcome the new and improved inside! You will be thanking us when your next energy bill comes in!

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Colour Finishes & Glazing Designs

Elegant Stylish or Traditional Wood Effect?

One of the greatest things about our Kingsbridge Porch infills is that you can have them designed to suit any style you want.

If your home is designed with ‘modern’ in mind, you might want to take your pick from our range of colour finishes or if you would prefer your windows to look like authentic timber frames we can also do this. Handles are available in gold, chrome, Gun Metal, black or white.

Long-Lasting Colour Finish

We use a specialist paint designed to bond seamlessly with the Upvc. This paint does not warp, peel or rot so you can rest assured knowing that minimal maintenance is required to keep them looking as good as new.

You might want to wipe them down every now and then with a cloth, warm water and soap to keep the shine on!

Glazing Designs

Glazing Patterns to Complement your Home:

Leaded Glass Options

diamond, square, custom, etc

Obscured Glass Design

choose your preferred level of obscured glass to ensure you maintain privacy in your home

Bevelled Glass Panels

expertly crafted to create intricate designs & artistic patterns

Roof Glazing Upgrades

toughened glass, performance glass and Ultra83B high performance glass

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Our Guarantee

Our Porch Infills come with a 10 Year Guarantee

With our Porch Infills we include a 10 year no quibble guarantee as standard.

Our Guarantee includes:

  • Repair of any Kingsbridge Porch Infill defect due to installation and faulty materials.
  • All handles, hinges and locks come complete with a 3 year guarantee as standard.
  • Sealed Units are guaranteed for 10 years.

Porches Gallery

You can take your pick from our full range of double-glazed windows and doors and you can literally decorate your porch to add a touch of authenticity to your home. You could even go for the more modern colourful job! Porch windows are available in Aluminium or UPVC and you can also include features such as steps, plastering, lighting and power points!

The choice is yours but we are here to help if you need some expert guidance! Kingsbridge porches are made up of a combination of brickwork and wall options and we have a multitude of glazing designs you can choose from.

Welcome to Kingsbridge Living Home Improvements in Surrey & surrounding Counties

We provide quality double glazed solutions with modern energy saving & high security features

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