Kingsbridge specialises in offering ‘Renewable Energy Technologies’ to the ‘Domestic, Business and Public’ sectors.

They have many years’ experience in their field and are now realising their dreams. These dreams are to offer Green Energy Solutions to drastically reduce bills and improve the EPC rating of a property.

Save up to 50% on your energy bills

Keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer

Protect your home

Reduces potential dangers of respiratory problems from conventional insulation

25 year product guarantee

Loft Insulation London

The Future of Insulation

Kingsbridge is an lcynene Spray Foam Accredited Agent. lcynene is the Global Leader In Spray Foam Insulation.

lcynene is the most advanced and most rapidly growing soft spray foam insulation system in the world.

Energy is lost from buildings due to air leakage which leads to higher energy bills.

More than just insulation, lcynene Spray Foam is an effective air barrier.

It sprays on similar to paint, expands into every gap and crack to reduce air leaks providing you with a more comfortable and healthier home.

Its superior fit means it can reduce the amount of airborne sound penetrating your home.


It is 100% water-blown.

No HFC’s, PBDE’s or Volatile Organic Compounds.

Fire retardant.

Improved comfort levels.

Energy Efficient Insulation -save 50% on energy bills.

lcynene spray foam is an air barrier.

Allows the building to breathe.

Protects against mold growth.

Reduce drafts.

Reduce dangers of respiratory distress from conventional insulation.

Global Warming Potential(GWP)=1

Ozone Depletion Potential(ODP) = o

Spray Insulation

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