Double Glazed Sash Windows Uk

We design and install Double Glazed Sash Windows for Homes across London, Surrey and the South East of England.

Specialising in UPVC Sash windows.

UPVC double glazed sash windows for Homes across London, Surrey and the South East.

Energy efficient & secure sash window solutions designed to suit your exact specification. Available in low prices as well as get a free quote online.

Double Glazed UPVC Sash Windows London


Double Glazed UPVC Sash Windows In London

The challenge has always been to keep that traditional touch of ‘timber frame’ while benefitting from all the modern features that come with other types of window materials such as UPVC.

We now have a solution that ticks all the boxes.

Our ranges of sash windows are designed to provide excellent thermal and sound insulation and have the added advantage of tilting inwards for ease of cleaning.

We are fully compliant with all the latest building regulations and conservation requirements.

UPVC Sash Windows Surrey, London

Our UPVC sliding sash windows are one of the most popular window choices on the market.

You can still keep that classic sash appearance while at the same time, make the most of all the modern-day benefits that come as part of the UPVC Sash package!

Our latest UPVC technology provides excellent energy efficiency, is fitted with high-security locks as standard and is virtually maintenance free.

It does not peel, stick or rot but to keep the shine bright, wipe them now and then with a cloth and some warm soapy water.

Sash Windows London

Did you know that traditional timber box sash windows were made with boxes either side of the window?

The window had weights either side to counterbalance it. This allowed the window to slide open and close easily.

Our UPVC system has a spring/spiral balance which is the same in appearance but without the need for the boxes either side of your windows.

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Double Glazed Sash Windows UK
Wooden Double Glazed Sash Windows

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits of our Sash Windows:

Thermal Insulation

Reduce heat loss by up to 70% & keep draughts out with our double glazed units.

Sound Insulation

Our sash windows also provide excellent sound insulation to block out any outside noise.

Secure & Safe

We install your Sash Windows with high grade and secure locking mechanisms to ensure your safety.

Custom Made

Your new sash windows will be made to your exact specification, no two windows are the same.

Easy Cleaning

Our range of sash windows are designed with a mechanism that allows the window to be tilted inwards, this enables easy access to clean the windows from the inside of your home.


Maintain a Safe & Secure Living Environment

We will install your sash windows with multi-point locking system to ensure intruders do not stand a chance of entry.

Certified Quality

Fully certified to British Security Standard BS 7950 which covers the specification for enhanced security.

Our UPVC Sash Windows Include:

  • Multi-Point Locking System
  • Internal Glazing (Non-removable from the outside)

Take the necessary steps to ensure your home is well secured and safe from opportunists.

Safe & Secure Sash Windows
Reduce Heat Loss by up to 70% to Sash Windows

Energy Savings

Reduce Heat Loss by up to 70% with our UPVC & Timber Sash Windows

Kingsbridge UPVC & Timber sash windows are guaranteed to provide excellent insulation during the colder seasons, and as a result, you can enjoy the monthly difference in your bank account.

Sit back and enjoy living in a warmer and quieter home environment for less with Kingsbridge double glazed Sash window range.

Colour Finishes

Colours or Wood Effects Sash Window?

Replacing your windows with our UPVC Sliding Sash windows will ensure your property keeps its traditional look, character and style.

One of the greatest things about wooden double glazed sash windows is that you can have them designed to suit any style you want.

If your home is designed with ‘modern’ in mind,  you might want to take your pick from our range of colours,  or if you would prefer your windows to look more like authentic timber frames, this can also be achieved through the use of a variety of wood effect finishes.

Long-Lasting Colour Effects

We use special paints that does not peel or flake, so you can rest assured knowing that minimal maintenance is required to keep them looking as good as new.

At the very most you might want to wipe them down now and then with a cloth, warm water, and soap to keep the shine on!

Wooden Sash Windows
Double Glazing Sash Windows

Glazing Designs

Glazing Patterns to Complement your Home:

Led Glass Options

Diamond, square, custom, etc

Obscured Glass Design

Choose your preferred level of obscured glass to ensure you maintain privacy in your home.

Bevelled Glass Panels

Expertly crafted to create intricate designs & decorative patterns.

Georgian Bars

Adding a touch of hand-made authentic goodness to your home


UPVC Sash Window Handle Range

Our range of handles is specially designed with a unique style to enhance the look of your Sash windows.

These handles are key lockable and available in left or right handed, so they fit perfectly into your hand when operating.

Handle Colour Options:

Available in gold, chrome, black, white or smoky chrome.

Sash Window Handle
Box Sash Windows London

Our Guarantee

Sash Window 10 Year Guarantee

With our Sash Window design and installation service, we include a ten year no quibble guarantee as standard.

Our Guarantee includes:

  • Replacement of any Sash Window defect due to installation and faulty materials
  • Sealed Units are guaranteed for ten years

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Our Sash Windows are one of the most popular window choices on the market.

You can still keep that classic sash appearance and at the same time; make the most of all the modern-day benefits that come as part of the Sash Window package!

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