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We have a security system for every home.

Providing wireless home security & a range of alarm security systems.

Security System Installation for Homes across London, Surrey and the South East

Helping you live safely with wireless home security and alarm security for intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide, gas leaks and floods.

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Is Your Home Protected?

Have you done what it takes to protect your home and belongings?

We have an assortment of security systems that can benefit you at home or in your workplace.

The sad reality is that burglaries are on the rise and so you need to take all the necessary precautions to make certain you are covered.

Don’t be one of the vulnerable homes that welcome opportunists in. Do what you need to do to uphold your right for privacy and security.

We have the most advanced range of products incorporating the very latest technology; rigorously tried and tested to ensure you have total peace of mind.

How can we help?

We consider it our duty to help you maintain a safe and secure living environment by advising you of the potential risks and offering effective deterrents to help you protect your loved ones and belongings.

We have a security system for every home.

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We Offer 4 Types of Security Systems:

1. Alarm Security

It’s important you protect your home and family from a variety of threats that could result in devastating aftermath. Speak to one of our experts about alarm system installation for intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide, gas leaks and floods.

2. Wireless Home Security

Our premium wireless home security systems work with wireless intrusion detectors, including pet-friendly detectors, and wireless safety detectors, enabling us to offer a comprehensive solution that can save lives and prevent personal injury.

3. Smoke Detection

Do not leave yourself open to house fires. All it takes is one little spark and you can say goodbye to everything you own. Install a smoke detector to ensure this never happens; protect yourself and your loved ones.

4. Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detection

With a Kingsbridge Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector you can detect the presence of CO gas before it gets to you and avoid
Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Fast & Efficient Solutions

We need to know what your requirements are before we can recommend a security system that works for you.

Your installation will be carried out by one of our friendly fully qualified engineers, without disruption to your property or décor.

All of our products come with a minimum 2 year guarantee.

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