Tatton Extension

We design & build Tatton plus Loggia realROOF extensions to suit your home and lifestyle.

Take steps to transforming your home with a full range of double-glazed home improvement solutions.

Loggia Glazed Extensions for Homes across London, Surrey and the South East.

Tatton plus Extensions designed to provide maximum thermal efficiency & security to your home.

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Loggia RealROOF Extension

The Tatton plus extension is designed to create the ultimate in comfortable living spaces. Combining the thermal properties of Loggia columns and qualities of the realROOF roofing system; results in a warm, spacious and personalised addition to your home. We guarantee to enhance the look and feel of your home with excellent workmanship and quality finishing touches!

We will personalise your Tatton plus extension to blend in perfectly with the style of your home.

All our extension designers and installers are fully vetted and we include a FREE Insurance Backed Guarantee every time.

RealROOF Explained

By adding a superb vaulted plastered ceiling to the inside of your Tatton plus extension we enhance the feeling of space significantly! We will personalise it to suit whichever style you choose and provide a range of tiles and slates to match the existing style of your home. Roof styles include Georgian and Lean-To and are available in PVC Finish or Aluminium.

Did you know?

“realROOFs patented box beam and Kingspan Unidek Super Insulated Aero Structural roof panels offer structural rigidity strong enough to grant unrivalled spanning performance”

Virtual Design

You don’t have to wait until your Tatton plus extension is built to see how it will look! We will provide you with a FREE visual representation on-site and you can choose which features you would like to add and where! With the Tatton plus extension you can now choose a building shape and style to suit your personal preference. One of our experts will talk you through your options and make suggestions relating to where you can make improvements.

Once you are happy for us to begin the build we will get to work at a time most convenient for you. It is that simple!

Tatton Building Shapes

Features & Benefits


A superb vaulted plastered ceiling will enhance the feeling of space significantly! We will personalise it to suit whichever style you choose and provide a range of tiles and slates to match the existing style of your home.


Built-in Loggia columns alongside the window frames; a system which has proved to be five times more thermally efficient than
brick columns!

Design Flexibility & Fast Installation

With the Tatton plus extension you can have as many windows and doors installed as you like. Other roof types tend to include costly additions but not here! This extension choice can be installed fast and with no additional support from portals and lintels. With this come excellent design flexibility and a superfast installation time.

High Security

We build your Tatton plus extension with internal glazing and multi lock mechanisms! Every home is different so we’ll personalise the perfect security system to match your specification.

Thermal & Sound Insulation

Make cold draughts a thing of the past and reduce heat loss by up
to 70%.

Increase Natural Light

The large glass panes that make up the Tatton plus extension from top to bottom allow for a naturally bright living environment and a clear view of your surroundings and sky!

Increase Living Space

That one extra room of space makes all the difference! Use it as a comfy room where you can go and read a book in peace or make it a funky playroom for the kids!

Choose your Style

Are you a lover of traditional or do you prefer the more modern approach? Just choose your preferred style and we will personalise your Tatton plus extension accordingly.


Safety and Security at Home

Nowadays it is heavily advised to carry out a few basic checks on the security of your property in London or surrounding areas!

Here at Kingsbridge Living we are always happy to provide you with answers where required and we also install, as standard, a multi-lock mechanism designed to keep opportunist thieves away from
your property!

We have a variety of security systems that can be personalised to suit your exact specification.

doors security in sutton

Energy Savings Designs

Reduce Heat Loss by up to 70%

Our quality double glazed units are designed to ensure you reduce heat loss by up to 70%! You can finally bid farewell to those chilling draughts in the cooler months as the Tatton plus extension is built with excellent thermal and sound insulation all year round.

Now you can live in a much warmer and quieter home environment for less.

Colour Finishes

We have got a distinctive colour range consisting of white, pure cream, urban grey and landmark green. If that doesn’t do it for you, you could always mix it up with an infinite choice of colours using the Loggia colour palette.

Loggia columns use architectural grade powder-coating for the final paint finish. Flawless!

Glazing Designs

Glazing Patterns to Complement your Home:

Leaded Glass Options

Diamond, square, custom, etc

Obscured Glass Design

Choose your preferred level of obscured glass to ensure you maintain privacy in your home

Bevelled Glass Panels

Expertly crafted to create intricate designs & artistic patterns

Georgian Bars

Adding a touch of hand-made authentic goodness to your home

Roof Glazing Upgrades

Toughened glass, performance glass and Ultra83B high
performance glass



Roof Materials:

PVC Finish, Aluminium Finish

Roof Styles:

Georgian, Lean To, T-Shaped, Gable, Hipped Back, Double Ended

Roof Glazing Upgrades:

Cornice Guttering

Our Guarantee

Extension 10 Year Guarantee

With our Tatton plus Extension design and installation service we include a 10 year no quibble insurance backed guarantee as standard.

Our guarantee is backed by the Home Improvement Protection scheme for your safety and investment security.

Our Guarantee includes:

  • Repair of any Tatton plus Extension defect due to installation and faulty materials
  • Replacement of any Tatton plus Extension defect due to installation and faulty materials
  • All handles, hinges and locks come complete with a 3 year guarantee as standard.
  • Sealed Units are guaranteed for 10 years

Bring your Conservatory back to life

Is your conservatory too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter ?
We can transform your existing conservatory into an extension that you can use all year round whilst also increasing the value of your property by 5 to 7%.

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