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With over 18,000 customers in the last few years, Kingsbridge Living have brought excellence with every home improvements made. We are a family run business specialising in Windows, Doors, Roofline products, Replacement roofs, Conservatories, and Insulation.

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Our friendly approach, extensive knowledge, and outstanding service are what separates us from the competition. 

We are on hand to help you with the replacement of your windows or doors. 

Or we can design and build a whole new conservatory or orangery just for you.

We can turn your dreams into a reality! 

We don’t just make sure your home installation is to your satisfaction. We also offer extensive aftercare from our engineer. They will support you through your guarantee period.

The beauty of the bespoke design is that no two projects are the same!

We are proud to say that 60% of our work is repeat custom. Customer satisfaction is one of the most important things to us.

Our Products


Do your windows need updating?

To not only provide a fresh look but improve the look of your home altogether?

Choose our selection from UPVC, Sash and Flush Sash windows.

80% of our customers choose UPVC windows.

UPVC windows can be designed to suit your personal preference. There’s a choice between traditional wood or an elegant modern style.

Sash windows combine the use of modern features with traditional wood. They have similar features to the UPVC while also adding an advantage of being able to tilt inwards for ease of cleaning.

Flush Sash windows are designed to replicate the 19th-century Flush Sash Timber windows.

All windows are energy efficient, maintenance free and have the latest security innovations.

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Our section of door choices includes UPVC, Solid, Bi-folding, Garage, French and Patios and Composite Doors.

UPVC doors reduce heat loss by 70%.

All our doors are energy efficient, highly secure and require low maintenance. They also have sound proofing qualities to block out any unwanted noise.

Our Solid doors are available in 14 different variety of styles, colours and wood effects.

We also offer Bi-folding doors which are available in UPVC to transform your home and we allow you to choose a colour you believe will complement your home.

Our specialists are available to help you decide if you need a professional opinion. We also have left or right handles which provide comfort and ease of handling.

The handles are available in white, black, gold, gun-metal and chrome colours.

The most popular Garage door is the Hurricane Roller Shutter door. They ensure security for you and your belongings. We provide sturdy solutions which can resist attack from intruders and protect against the weather all-year round.

Our stylish alfresco French and Patio doors are designed to enhance your home and provide a tasteful entry to the outdoors. We have an option of opaque and tinted glazing designs to ensure privacy.

The Composite doors are now the most popular door choice in the UK.

They are made to the highest standard and specification for your home. Our composite doors are known for being durable, elegant and secure.

We have many glazing design options for your Composite Doors to suit your home style.

Our UPVC, Bi-folding, Garage and Composite doors come with a 10-year guarantee.

Roofline products

Kingsbridge Living offers Cladding and Soffits & Fascia roofline products which can transform your home.

UPVC Cladding provides excellent insulation and maximum weather protection to your home throughout the seasons.

The British weather can be unpredictable and destroy many materials over time. Our UPVC Cladding will stand against that and won’t rot, warp, chip or flake.

It enhances the look of your property and protects your walls from water damage. The UPVC Cladding can add a layer of skin to your walls and requires minimal maintenance.

Soffits, Fascia and Guttering are designed to provide a cover for your rafter beams and protect your building from the weather all year round.

Soffits can be a solution to increase ventilation in your property. The Guttering reduces the water damage inside your home, directing water away from the roof.

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Replacement Roofs

Do you have a conservatory that has a damaged roof? Why not use us at Kingsbridge Living to replace it?

Kingsbridge has four different conservatory roofs to choose from. They include the Glass Roof System, the Livin Roof System, the Ultraroof-380 System and the Real Roof System.

The Glass Roof system is designed to deliver excellent thermal performance, effective solar control, and efficient use, self-cleaning features.

Our Glass Roof guarantees maximum protection from the British weather and brightens homes throughout the warmer months.

Increase your daily does of Vitamin D by merely opting for a new and refreshing high-tech Glass Conservatory Roof.

The Livin Roof System is a great option if you want a cosier and room-like feel to your conservatory.

It is made of thermal plastered roofing, perfect for a playroom or an office. It is quick to install, and due to its prefabricated design, you can avoid onsite cutting.

The inside of the Livin Roof incorporates the Livin room internal pelmet around the perimeter of the ceiling. This provides a platform for the lights to be installed.

The Ultraroof-380 system is the most advanced replacement roof on the market today.

It creates a vaulted plaster ceiling on the inside of your conservatory. The smart high-tech UltraRoof380 can install a combination of glass panels to control the amount of light entering your conservatory.

Or you can opt for Velux windows which can help project light into the adjacent room.

The Real Roof System is an ideal roofing solution for new build extensions and is also recommended as a replacement for old conservatory roofs. It is designed so you can use your conservatory all year round.


Whether you a looking for a Conservatory or an Orangery, we have many options to bring sophistication and style to your home.

There two main conservatories, these are the Alston Conservatory and the Houghton Conservatory. There are three types of Orangeries: Portland, Hadleigh and Winchester.

With every conservatory, we have a visual representation of how it will look on your site!

Our Conservatory and Orangeries also have ten years guarantee.

Alston is the most common conservatory.

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It has a high-tech structure built with expertly fitted roofing solutions and glazing designs. It is renowned for maintaining excellent thermal efficiency and provides a warm, comfortable extra living space inside your home.

Choose a traditional white/cream painted wood look, a variety of wood effect finishes or even a bright colour to add some modern style to your home.

The Houghton conservatory is ideal if you are looking to upgrade and create a more cosy and comfy winter room. The internal plastering’s of the roof and the thermal insulation gives it a very homely touch for the colder months.

The large glass panes that make up the Houghton conservatory from top to bottom allow for a naturally bright living environment with a clear view of your surroundings.

Our Portland Orangeries are designed and built to suit your home and lifestyle.

It features Loggia columns alongside the window frames which proves to be five times more thermally efficient than brick columns and four times laterally stronger.

Portland Orangeries can be chosen from Gable, Georgian, Lean-to and T-shape building shapes for whatever fits perfectly with your home.

The Hadleigh Orangery is designed to get the classic look to enhance your home on the inside and out.

It features the LivinRoom pelmet which is an internal pelmet placed around the perimeter and adds to the possibilities for decorative ideas and mood lighting.

On the outside we provide the option for a Cornice. They are available in a wide range of colours including die case powder-coated aluminium. Which can enrich the overall appearance of your classically-styled Hadleigh orangery.

The conventional Winchester Orangery is built featuring the UtraSky Roof lantern. The roof lantern is a skylight surrounded by flat roof and is designed to enhance the look of your home.

The skylight is available in rectangular or a variety of different sizes and can be personalised to blend in with the style of your home.

It is a perfect home improvement if you are looking for a traditional-styled orangery. It also allows maximum amount of natural light in and is energy and sound efficient.

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The most efficient way to reduce energy bills is by adding insulation into your home.

Here are some of the benefits insulations can have for your home:

  • Save up to 50% on your energy bills
  • Keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer
  • Protects your home
  • Reduces potential dangers of respiratory problems from conventional insulation
  • 25-year product guarantee

Kingsbridge is part of the Icynene Spray Foam Accredited Agent.

Icynene is the most advanced and rapidly growing soft spray foam insulation system in the world.

Energy is lost from buildings due to air leakage which leads to higher energy bills. Icynene is an effective air barrier.

It sprays similar to paint; it expands into every gap and cracks to reduce air leaks by providing you with a more comfortable and healthier home.

Pros of having Icynene:

  • Stays in place
  • Healthier
  • Fills gaps

Now it’s time to decide what sort of home improvements would benefit you and create your perfect ideal home.

Don’t hesitate to discuss with our team if you cannot decide between our options.

Call us today on 020 8254 0070 or fill out our form to get a quick free quote.