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Want to change your conservatory roof?

With years of use and the constant change in weather conditions, conservatory roofs can lose its qualities and need replacing.

At Kingsbridge Living, we offer a range of different roof systems that are designed with high-tech abilities to help the roof not only look great but also bring in the light in the warmer months. To find out more, let us explain what each roofreplacement has to offer.

Glass Roof System

Many years ago, Polycarbonate used to be the best material for roof replacement. However, as the years go by Polycarbonate has become outdated. Kingsbridge Living offers a glass replacement which comes with many more features including being thermally efficient.

With every roof replacement, our reliable specialists understand what every customer expects. We make sure that we deliver high-quality results that families can enjoy for many years.

Whether you use your conservatory for a children’s playroom, dining room or an office, you can enjoy the outside from the warmth of the inside.

Benefits of the Glass Roof:

Thermally efficiency – We offer UV values of as low as 1.0, which are effectively double-glazed units.

All Year-Round Usage–at Kingsbridge, weuse glazing materials that are designed to control the amount of heat coming through in the warmer months and retain the warmth in the colder months.

High-Tech Solar Control –the features create the ultimate living space and can exclude up to 83% of the suns energy.

Self-Cleaning Features –with our glass roofs, the units use the suns energy to burn any dirt while also controlling the water to clean the glass surface.

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UltraRoof 380

The most advanced roof replacement available in the market today is the UltraRoof 380. Many homeowners with a conservatory have found one main issue with the conservatories being too hot in summer months and too cold in the winter months.

With our UltraRoof 380, you can opt for traditional glass panels or Velux windows to control the amount of light entering the conservatory. Not only this, but the UltraRoof 380 can be installed efficiently with a small amount of waste compared with other tiled roofing solutions.

Benefits of the UltraRoof 380

Choice of Aluminium or Traditional Tile Roof Capping – the choice of roof capping is entirely up to you. Go for a modern look with our Aluminium roof capping or choose the tiled roof look for a traditional appearance.

High-Performance Glazing – Kingsbridge offersyou the choice of how much light you want to enter the room with more or fewer glass panels.

Fascia Colour Finishes –opt for fascia’s in Oak, Rosewood, White or Black to match your window frames.

High-Tech Solar Control – with our solar control features, you can exclude up to 83% of the suns energy to help improve your living space.

Thermally Efficient – at Kingsbridge, we can provide you with double glazed roof replacements.

Self-Cleaning Features – our high-performance roofing units are designed to use the suns energy to burn off any dirt and use the rainwaterto clean the surface as it goes.

LivinROOF System

At Kingsbridge Living, we can offer you the latest high-performance roof replacements that have many advantages to help you enjoy your conservatory. The LivinROOF can do just that, with its thermal plastered roof it can replicate your indoor living space and provide a much more cosier environment.

One of the extras that the LivinROOF offers is its internal pelmet around the edge of the ceiling which provides a platform for lighting. If the vaulted ceiling isn’t your style, choose the suspended ceiling which continues the ceiling height from a connected room to bring a much cosier feel.

Benefits of the LivinROOF

LivinROOM–the perimeter ceiling system provides a platform for lighting, speakers and anydecorative feature you may want inside.

Robust Roofing System – with its external panels combined with the Kingspan slab insulation, it can guarantee durability as well as being weatherproof.

Classic Roof System – the LivinROOF structure along with the classic roof system ensures long-lasting stability.

High-Quality Finish –to maximise the light in your conservatory, you can combine aluminium and glazed roofing panels to bring a contemporary feel,unlike any other roofing systems.

Thermally Efficient – Kingsbridge can provide you with double-glazed units to ensure that no warmth is lost in the conservatory.

Classic Cornice – with Kingsbridge, you can hide the guttering with a classic cornice to provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Self-Cleaning – with our replacement roofing systems the sun utilises the energy to burn off any dirt on the glass and use the rainwater to ‘sheet off’ the dirt washing it away.

High-Tech Solar Control – at Kingsbridge, we include solar features that are designed to exclude up to 83% of the suns energy providing the ultimate comfortable living space.

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If your conservatory roof needs an upgrade or needs replacing contact Kingsbridge Living today. Our experts have many years’ experience in a wide range of home improvement services working across Surrey and the South East. Give us a call on 080 8253 4292 or fill out our enquiry form today.